Trigger Point massage

Trigger Point massage is used to relax the muscles and dissolve contractures produced by stress, poor posture, lack of sleep, overuse or a too sedentary lifestyle.

Whatever the cause of the contracture is, it must be eliminated because it creates a structural imbalance. The muscle, where the contracture is located, stops working properly and other muscles have to replace his function.

The massage is performed above the contracture, performing a deep shift out until it is removed. After that, other musculature, that may have replaced their function, is relieved, until the entire the muscle chain is recovered.

It may happen that, at the beginning, we do not realise it and we continue accumulating tensions that are reflected in the body and eventually cause pain or discomfort. If not treated in time, they can result in injury or become chronic.

Trigger Point massage causes the emission of electrical impulses to the brain that, in response, help release substances called endorphins, hormones that act as natural antidepressants and which are responsible for our levels of happiness, of joy and for maintaining a strong immune system.

When pressure is exerted on a Trigger Point, it is normal to feel pain. If the pressure is adequate, the body secretes endorphins to soothe the pain.

If you spend a lot of time working at desk or driving, if you have neck pain or back pain, this technique will really benefit you.

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