Jet lag massage

As more and more people take to the skies, travelling by plane has become increasingly frustrating and stressful, particularly for the business traveller. Consequently, the incidence of people suffering from problems associated with flying has increased dramatically.

Frequent flying or little sleep can be very challenging for your biological clock. Jet Lag disrupts the body’s rhythm and makes it hard for a person to rest. This is what can cause insomnia, nausea and body pains.

Seasoned travellers often have a little arsenal of tricks to stave off unwanted side-effects: they drink extra water, take pillows, use facial mists, apply lip balm and pack sleep aids or melatonin supplements. However, jet-lag and sore muscles are hard to avoid, and often leave you feeling drained and sluggish.

For these reasons, it is becoming ever more popular for travellers to opt for a massage in their hotels as a way to relieve the stress of travel.

Our exclusive combination of back, neck, head and foot massage, with the help of essential oils, will help relax your nervous system and recover the body’s internal balance.

Reducing fatigue and stimulating circulation allow the internal clock to naturally adjust to your new time zone.

Masaje a domicilio en Madridmasaje jet lag

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