Make your home your Spa

The concept of mobile massage has been created to bring the experience of a Spa at a venue chosen by the client.

Mobile massage service are rapidly gaining popularity because they are more convenient for the client. With the current pace of life, traffic and pollution have become part of the problem and more and more people want to avoid the hassle of travel, opting for therapists to offer treatments.

Why clients prefer massage at home? Main advantages:

  • You don’t need to drive


It can be a very disorienting experience getting up at the end of your massage and making your way back home. You must be alert to drive, this cuts the relaxation benefits of your treatment.
Having a massage at home, you do not have to worry about driving or getting stuck in traffic and noise.

  • Prolong the benefits of relaxation

A massage at home can really prolong your relaxation. In fact, you may be in a state of relaxation before starting the massage and remain in this state after treatment. You can plan a warm bath or another relaxation ritual before and after your massage.

  • Reach a deeper relaxation

When you travel to another place to have massages, your senses are in a higher state of alert due to being in a new environment. However, when you are at your home you are so used to the space that you are able to relax more deeply. Therefore, therapy is much more effective in relieving stress and tension.

  • Flexibility on schedule

When you go to a spa, you often only receive a 50 minutes and therapists are always watching and check the clock. All that to fit more appointments in the day.
When receiving a massage at home, it will last at least an hour, sometimes more. Our therapists usually plan enough time between two sessions, so that they can travel from one place to another without problems.

  • You are not a number

In spas, massage therapists usually have about masaje movil 5-10 minutes between one client and another to change the sheets and prepare the room. In addition, they give between 5-7 messages per day. Of course, the quality decreases.

More benefits:

      • Time Optimisation
      • Saving money on fuel costs
      • Not having to worry about being late for an appointment
      • You can choose to listen your favourite relaxing music
      • The temperature can be adjusted according to what makes you feel the most comfortable.

All this makes the treatment an experience of deep and total relaxation, bringing new energy and allowing you to really unwind. .